K C R appoints son KTR as TRS working president

Making clear his intentions to concentrate on national politics, Telangana Rashtra Samithi Party President and Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao, Friday appointed his son K Taraka Rama Rao as the TRS Party Working President (Executive President). This elevation is being seen as the first step by KCR to anoint his son as CM at a later stage while he takes a bigger role in national politics.

With a landslide victory, there is no opposition in the party to KCR’s decision to elevate his son. However, it is a shock to his nephew T Harish Rao, a popular leader within TRS as well as in the state, who won from Siddipet with a margin of over 1.10 lakh votes. Harish Rao is the trouble-shooter with organisational skills in the party but with KCR’s popularity at an all-time high, he may have no choice but to accept his cousin’s elevation. KTR did not hold any position in the party in the existing setup

K T Rama Rao, 42, was Minister for IT, Panchayati Raj, and Municipal Administration and Urban Development in KCR’s first Cabinet. He was re-elected from Sircilla with a margin of 89,909 votes. Suave and tech-savvy, KTR is very popular among youth, and even before he was officially elevated today as working president, he was already accepted as second-in-command by most TRS leaders. He is credited with initiating and establishing T-hub, the incubator for business start-ups in Hyderabad.

KTR is also likely to be made a minister in KCR’s second term. As working president, KTR will also take care of the day-to-day party affairs, organisational matters, and make efforts to expand the party. “He has a good temperament and is very popular in the TRS. He is smart and intelligent. He has honed his skills over the years and is a rising star in the party. I think his elevation as working president is good of the party,’’ TRS leader K Keshava Rao said.

Responsibilities among others, enrolment of party membership, constructing party offices in districts and develop the party as the strongest one, have been entrusted to KTR. CM KCR is of the opinion to develop TRS as the largest party in the country. KTR who has been successfully and efficiently handling and performing the roles and responsibilities of both party and government, has been entrusted with the new role of working president by KCR. CM Rao strongly believes and is confident that the working style, the commitment, the direction and leadership qualities of KTR will help in leading the TRS party efficiently and effectively by him in the days to come.

On Tuesday, KCR has said that he would be soon forming a non-Congress, non-BJP national party with a consortium of regional parties.

KCR said he has decided to concentrate more time on national politics to bring a qualitative change in his political activity on a countrywide level. KCR took this decision of appointing KTR as working president, with a view to entrust the responsibility of party affairs to a most trusted and efficient person, since he would be preoccupied with the governance activities like expediting construction of irrigation projects and also to implement the electoral promises in letter and spirit, a statement said.

With the strong belief that TRS party alone saves Telangana, people overwhelmingly supported the party and elected it with a landslide victory in the recent elections, the statement said. In view of KCR’s decision to play a pivotal role in national politics and take forward the welfare and development programs in the state, the workload on him would be increased. Against this background, KCR has entrusted the responsibility of taking forward the party in accordance with his plan, to KTR, the most trusted person in party.




Disclaimer: RSS has been taken from their official website.


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